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Floris Vanhoof played a set during which he used his brainwaves to influence his synthesizer sounds, combining this with a projection and a laserbeam.
└ from 04 — Noting Denoting

Together, all twelve records form the complete set, which one 'game' requires.
└ from 06 — Principium 2.0 Publication

For example, there's this box set which has records that have built-in radio transmitters, records with impossible shapes where you need to turn the stylus of your record player upside down.
└ from 06 — Principium 2.0 Publication

So this is very much a straightforward live recording of a pretty weird DJ set, if you will.
└ from 06 — Principium 2.0 Publication

For the 'PUSHING' event, Derek will do a reading entitled 'Schematic as Score: Uses and Abuses of the (In)Deterministic Possibilities of Sound Technology', and after that he will do a live set based on researching analogue visuals with the oscilloscope.
└ from 07 — Pu-sh-ing-Sco-res Event

Instead, he came over to do a reading from his text 'Schematic as a Score' and did a live set of Tektronix Oscilloscope Music.
└ from 07 — Pu-sh-ing-Sco-res Event

She works with prepared records and played a live set.
└ from 07 — Pu-sh-ing-Sco-res Event

She played a set in which she used her computer to generate sound by live programming.
└ from 10 — Valentina Vuksic

The entire 'Pushing Scores' project was set up in cooperation with Remco van Bladel.
└ from 13 — Remco van Bladel

John Cage once quipped that Serge Tcherepnin's synthesizer system was 'the best musical composition that Serge had ever made', and it is precisely Cage's reformulation of the concert score from a list of deterministic note values to a set of indeterminable possibilities that allowed the blurring of lines between instrument-builder and music composer that followed.
└ from 15 — Schematic as Design

For his 'Vehicle Sundown Event', he published a set of about fifty cards to be given to participants who participated in the event with their vehicles.
└ from 17 — Event Scores

They did quite an impressive set a number of years ago at both De Vleeshal and Wall Gallery, for those who missed it.
└ from 21 — Animated Notation

An ensemble of Arduino-powered prepared record players is built as an instrumentation to play an intimate selection from a family archive of popular music, 'A set of records carefully shipped home from a country at war forty years ago.
└ from 25 — Ana Guedes

Because she uses and records the archive, the end result almost turns out to be a DJ set.
└ from 25 — Ana Guedes

During an evening at the Varia collective, where Valentia Vuksic and Ana Guedes also played a live set and explained their work and backgrounds, Niek Hilkmann, who is part of the Varia team, presented his Universal Notation Ideal (UNI) – a Pay2Print research into the simultaneous production and distribution of standardised graphic scores by means of an automatic machine.
└ from 29 — Niek Hilkmann

They also formed the sites 'Guide to Black MIDI' and 'Official Black MIDI Wikia', which introduced and set the norm of black MIDI.
└ from 30 — Black Midi

Serial in form, each work uses an existing cultural document – a twentieth or twenty-first century avant-garde music score – as the formal, material and conceptual basis for a set of actions or interventions.
└ from 31 — Marco Fusinato

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