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Sentences that have process in common :

Each student had to develop their own project around the process of making a score.
└ from 02 — Release - Tetra Gamma Circulaire 3

It’s not a matter of an event between spectators and a musician– it’s a space to submit to a process.
└ from 04 — Noting Denoting

What emotions and ethical choices guide an artist in a process of continuous change?
└ from 05 — Wiels Artbook Fair

The process is always important, but the end result, which is variable for Colson and influenced by the context, is an important part of his work.
└ from 05 — Wiels Artbook Fair

This was quite a process but it eventually resulted in a beautiful limited edition of twelve pieces, developed and designed in collaboration between Kris and the team of DE PLAYER.
└ from 06 — Principium 2.0 Publication

But to be honest I've never even considered that – eight hours of material and endless editing possibilities, that's a nightmare.., The decision to have straight up documentation, just select bits instead of editing them some more, really made the selection process easier.
└ from 06 — Principium 2.0 Publication

Coming up with a concept can be as much a creative process as navigating its actualisation.
└ from 06 — Principium 2.0 Publication

People could continuously listen to some audio publications (by Telcosystems, Cold Void and Davide Mosconi) as well take part in the production process by spraying new works for the next potential customer.
└ from 08 — Art Rotterdam Presentation

The idea of a score functioned as a guideline to shape their project and to test the working process.
└ from 09 — MAT>NET>PU TGC3 Presentation

In it he considers it axiomatic that, for every work of art that must be considered experimental, the possibility of failure must be built into its process.
└ from 14 — Derek Holzer

Holzer often works through a long, rigorous process of self-education in electronics.
└ from 15 — Schematic as Design

This strange, affective relay continues into the recording process, which results in the interpreted sound of an interpreted web.
└ from 26 — Helga Jakobson

The process of finding them could be likened to trying to make the invisible visible.
└ from 26 — Helga Jakobson

Bas encouraged her to contact DE PLAYER as she was occupied with developing a machine that produces sound through the process of reading spider webs.
└ from 26 — Helga Jakobson

It made him realise how closely he was actually involved in the process of iron ore, and how his development as an artist was shaped thanks to iron ore.
└ from 27 — BJ Nilsen

The ore goes to a processing plant and there you take out the tailings and the rest is the waste of your process.
└ from 27 — BJ Nilsen

It is a process that somehow relates to my own artistic process.
└ from 27 — BJ Nilsen

The record can thus be considered as a potential composition, which is performed by the listener themselves through the aforementioned process.
└ from 28 — John Duncan

Transformation of information is a fact that occurs during the process of composing and performing the compositions.
└ from 30 — Black Midi

This is an interesting process in which boundaries can be explored and in which the idea of 'cracked media' – whose performers challenge the intended effect of the technology and actively use alternative acts through subversive acts of abuse and misconception to generate results – is an interesting one.
└ from 30 — Black Midi

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