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Sentences that have possible in common :

But I'm not sure if it is at all possible to listen with concentration to eight hours of something like this.
└ from 06 — Principium 2.0 Publication

I turned and turned the pages, each time trying to think about the possible connections between the colours and patterns printed on the pages and the sound they emitted.
└ from 07 — Pu-sh-ing-Sco-res Event

We eventually asked Derek Holzer because of his work with tonewheels, but it was not logistically possible to facilitate this type of performance.
└ from 07 — Pu-sh-ing-Sco-res Event

The local WiFi station makes it possible to access all projects (on floppy disk) by receiving these projects via a mobile phone or on the computer.
└ from 09 — MAT>NET>PU TGC3 Presentation

Attali is the first to point out other possible logical consequences of the 'reciprocal interaction' model – namely, the possibility of a superstructure to anticipate historical developments and to foreshadow new social formations in a prophetic and annunciatory way.
└ from 12 — Jacques Attali

The subjective nature, the way in which vibrations can release such strong emotions, makes it possible to deal speculatively and to use them for use in typography, image, material choices, folding methods and bookbinding systems.
└ from 13 — Remco van Bladel

Many artists try to eliminate true, catastrophic failures by scripting, scoring, sequencing or programming their work in as many predictable, risk-free quantums as possible in advance.
└ from 14 — Derek Holzer

Listening in the sense of 'Radical Listening' is therefore not only about ears specifically, but generally about exploring our world, our position in it and the way in which communication is possible.
└ from 20 — Concrete Poetry

For me it relates directly to iron ore in so far that the type of musique concrète and tape music developed at GRM was made possible by magnetic tape.
└ from 27 — BJ Nilsen

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