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Sentences that have here in common :

Connecting his many worlds, ideas and influences into highly personal live performances and recordings, he keeps on amazing people both here and abroad.
└ from 04 — Noting Denoting

Colson then asked some artist to make reinterpretations of the works and from here the idea to use them as a music score originated.
└ from 06 — Principium 2.0 Publication

In contrast to the composer or musician who perceives the record first and foremost as a vehicle transporting his or her musical ideas, here the interest lies especially in the optical/sculptural, as well as the acoustic presence and the compression of an idea when working with the playback possibilities and impossibilities of recording techniques.
└ from 07 — Pu-sh-ing-Sco-res Event

As production, meaning here productive creation, above all serves the human condition, we must attempt to further our purposes of creative production through the uses of those apparatuses or methods which until now have been used only for reproduction purposes.
└ from 07 — Pu-sh-ing-Sco-res Event

With the rise of the various avant-garde movements from the beginning of the twentieth century, in addition to new forms of 'sound', the relationship between sound and its visual representation is also being re-examined here.
└ from 12 — Jacques Attali

It is important here that the language is sung off the usual value of speech.
└ from 20 — Concrete Poetry

Fusinato presents himself here in the guise of a worker, clocking on and unceremoniously clocking off at the end of the day, refusing to allow the behind-the-scenes mystery of rehearsals and preparations to lend an aura to the performance, and affirming the deskilled ethos of his work.
└ from 31 — Marco Fusinato

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