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A number of specific themes will be initiated, developed and presented in the context of a public research programme in collaboration with artists, designers and various cultural organisations, such as the Piet Zwart Institute, the Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art and Sonic Acts.
└ from 01 — Pushing Scores Overview

The concept of the course revolves around two core principles: First, the inquiry into the technological, political and cultural processes through which things are made public; and second, the desire to expand the notion of publishing beyond print media and its direct digital translation.
└ from 09 — MAT>NET>PU TGC3 Presentation

Attali believes that music has gone through four specific cultural stages throughout its history: 1.
└ from 12 — Jacques Attali

By emphasising this aspect of the machine as a musical entrepreneur earning his own income, the conditions of mechanised labour within the cultural industry, and its associated ethics, are investigated within this project.
└ from 29 — Niek Hilkmann

DE PLAYER has always had a strong interest in emancipating publishing from its stereotypical understanding as merely making things public – an understanding that comes from an historical and economic media constraint linked to the print, software, music and film industries, and that has limited any form of meaningful, explorative, complementary or conflictual combinations between media in the field of cultural production.
└ from 30 — Black Midi

Serial in form, each work uses an existing cultural document – a twentieth or twenty-first century avant-garde music score – as the formal, material and conceptual basis for a set of actions or interventions.
└ from 31 — Marco Fusinato

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