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Sentences that have approach in common :

From a spontaneous and rather naive approach to art and performance, Colson wants to shape his ideas.
└ from 05 — Wiels Artbook Fair

They approach DE PLAYER for some input surrounding the production and distribution of it, and because of the direct relation between sound and image, and the new interface an object like that represents, it was a clear match of interests.
└ from 07 — Pu-sh-ing-Sco-res Event

By doing so, we developed a multidimensional approach to the tactics that can be used for making scores and how the outcomes could finally exist as a tradable object.
└ from 08 — Art Rotterdam Presentation

The audience has the opportunity to control the dancers' steps on stage through a web interface that shows her personal approach to graphically representing ten jive steps.
└ from 09 — MAT>NET>PU TGC3 Presentation

Varia will host the evening, and explain their ideas and approach to developing the archive.
└ from 10 — Valentina Vuksic

This approach has led to the development of his animated notation, or 'anitation', instead of using traditional musical scores.
└ from 21 — Animated Notation

His way of composing has a multimedia conceptual approach, which is mostly linked with processes in society.
└ from 24 — Johannes Kreidler

Her archival approach and its political and personal implications are the starting point of this work.
└ from 25 — Ana Guedes

His background in performance and his multimedia and confrontational approach gives him full credits to be part of the DE PLAYER programme.
└ from 28 — John Duncan

This approach can also be seen in the Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) of Friedrich Jürgenson, a researcher who claimed to have detected voices of the dead hidden in radio static.
└ from 28 — John Duncan

We already knew some of its members and thought it would be nice and effective to approach them with a question of doing something with the archive of 'Pushing Scores'.
└ from 29 — Niek Hilkmann

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