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Sentences that have while in common :

The first stop is at Pinkie Bowtie, Antwerp, where we will introduce the entity of TGC#3 as the an unknown music magazine that it is, while pointing out its specific features by demonstrating the floppy works that already reside in the collection.
└ from 01 — Pushing Scores Overview

Yann Gourdon was asked to do a hurry-curdy noisette while Charlemagne's books were projected page by page on the wall.
└ from 04 — Noting Denoting

If something was interesting for a while, but didn't stay interesting, it had to go.
└ from 06 — Principium 2.0 Publication

An algorithmic choir is compiled live by the mobile phones that connect to the WiFi point while audiences are waiting in line to enter Paradiso.
└ from 11 — Para-phonic Poly-disco

The Small Museum, which was previously used to house the public announcements of the church, will be transformed into a local WiFi hotspot to stream a multi vocal 'Pa-Ra-Di-So Rapsodia' – a live algorithmic choir composition created through the phones that connected to the WiFi, and therefore the score, while waiting to enter the building.
└ from 11 — Para-phonic Poly-disco

Image and sound are created immediately during the performance by speaking and vocalising into a microphone and modifying the voice through signal processors and samplers while the software is analysing the sound to create animated abstract visual text-compositions.
└ from 19 — Jörg Piringer

This takes shape by building digital interfaces; instrumentation used to explore, amplify and reflect what is barely visible, tangible or audible, while expressing the resonance and relationship between people, plants and organic matter.
└ from 26 — Helga Jakobson

During the competition, Athena wove a tapestry depicting all of the times mortals challenged the Gods and lost, while Arachne wove accounts of the many times Zeus had raped mortal women.
└ from 26 — Helga Jakobson

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l i s t o f i t e m s
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