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Sentences that have single in common :

He came up with the idea of the Xerox copier, which within a single contained print run makes in an audio recording, a booklet and a printed image.
└ from 05 — Wiels Artbook Fair

Principium 1.0' appeared as a hacked synth reduced to a single octave, to be played with magnets on a colourful playing field, parallelling the same patterns.
└ from 06 — Principium 2.0 Publication

There's something appealing in using a single octave as a building block.
└ from 06 — Principium 2.0 Publication

DE PLAYER: Do you think this LP would also be enjoyable if someone would listen to it without knowing a single thing about the whole concept behind it?
└ from 06 — Principium 2.0 Publication

Audio waveforms control the vertical and horizontal movements as well as the brightness of a single beam of light, tracing shapes, points and curves with a direct relationship between sound and image.
└ from 16 — Tektronix Oscilloscope Music

In these works, treated by Fusinato as propositions for new noise compositions, the qualities of each individual note and their relation to those around them are effectively compressed into a single point of intense concentration.
└ from 31 — Marco Fusinato

This is the energy of implosion, which always infers at least the potential of its counter-energy in explosive energy radiating out from the single point of origin.
└ from 31 — Marco Fusinato

Fusinato's intervention into the scores therefore visualises and proposes the possibility of a dialectical energy running through the original work that has a political dimension as much as an artistic one – a relentless propensity to both destruction and expressive creation in the single action, or, in this case, to the production of noise.
└ from 31 — Marco Fusinato

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