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Contributors: YANN GOURDON (FR) Hurdy-gurdy player, composer and sound artist Yann Gourdon looks at vibratory fields and sound perception as a medium.
└ from 04 — Noting Denoting

The magnets for the sensor ride on top of the record player's platter and could be placed freely to make your own patterns.
└ from 06 — Principium 2.0 Publication

As Delacourt didn't just want to publish a record with recordings of the 'Principium 1.0', he decided to transpose the idea onto a prepared record player using magnets and a specific device.
└ from 06 — Principium 2.0 Publication

For example, there's this box set which has records that have built-in radio transmitters, records with impossible shapes where you need to turn the stylus of your record player upside down.
└ from 06 — Principium 2.0 Publication

At DE PLAYER she will demonstrate her 'spider web record player'.
└ from 09 — MAT>NET>PU TGC3 Presentation

It combined a two-player interface with physics models of a bouncing ball displayed as vectors in motion, and is arguably the first publicly playable video game.
└ from 16 — Tektronix Oscilloscope Music

Her spider web record player, which she developed for this purpose, is an instrument that plays, registers and converts a spider web into sound by means of light sensors.
└ from 26 — Helga Jakobson

Though the two are unrelated in origin, the concept of impossible piano existed long before black MIDI, manifesting itself within Conlon Nancarrow's work involving player pianos, where he punched holes in piano cards to create extremely complex musical compositions in the same impossible, unplayable spirit of black MIDI.
└ from 30 — Black Midi

Black MIDI has also been considered the digital equivalent, as well as a response to composer Conlon Nancarrow's use of the player piano, which also involved experimenting with several thick notes to compose intricate pieces without hands.
└ from 30 — Black Midi

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