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In the early- to mid-twentieth century, the abstract developments in the visual arts played a vital role in fostering new approaches to the question of music notation and contemporary avant-garde music.
└ from 01 — Pushing Scores Overview

Starting from the motto ‘From Cage to JODI and beyond’, and from the avant-garde music and sound art of the twentieth century, the project researches new audio-visual languages, media and functions of graphic notation in a contemporary context characterised by a fundamental transformation of sound culture and visual culture.
└ from 01 — Pushing Scores Overview

The incentive for this project is the belief that graphic notation in twentieth-century avant-garde music and sound art constitutes an important, still radically innovative but wrongfully marginalised form, which can play a key role in the development of new audiovisual languages and media.
└ from 01 — Pushing Scores Overview

With the rise of the various avant-garde movements from the beginning of the twentieth century, in addition to new forms of 'sound', the relationship between sound and its visual representation is also being re-examined here.
└ from 12 — Jacques Attali

George Brecht (27 Aug 1926–5 Dec 2008), born George Ellis MacDiarmid, was an American conceptual artist and avant-garde composer, as well as a professional chemist who worked as a consultant for companies including Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson and Mobil Oil.
└ from 17 — Event Scores

He was a key member of, and influence on, Fluxus, the international group of avant-garde artists centred on George Maciunas, having been involved with the group from the first performances in Wiesbaden 1962 until Maciunas' death in 1978.
└ from 17 — Event Scores

The connection between the word and sound can be found in many ways in the art and music of the Fluxus movement, rap, the early avant-garde, soundproofing, laut poetry, musical theater, opera, performative series, radio plays and installation settings.
└ from 20 — Concrete Poetry

He is known primarily for his writings on the use of sound in the avant-garde and experimental arts and music, and history and theory of the media arts.
└ from 27 — BJ Nilsen

In this project, he appropriates scores of avant-garde composers and connects each note with one arbitrary point on the horizon.
└ from 31 — Marco Fusinato

Serial in form, each work uses an existing cultural document – a twentieth or twenty-first century avant-garde music score – as the formal, material and conceptual basis for a set of actions or interventions.
└ from 31 — Marco Fusinato

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