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Fri 12 Jan 2018 20:30 @ Paradiso, Amsterdam 'PARA-PHONIC POLY-DISO' BY REMCO VAN BLADEL On this day the work 'Para-phonic Poly-diso' will be launched at The Small Museum of Paradiso, Amsterdam.
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Fri 22 Jun 2018 20:30 @ DE PLAYER, Rotterdam 'E-ARTHHA' WITH DOUGLAS KAHN, BJ NILSEN, AURÉLIE LIERMAN AND MAX FRANKLIN As you may well know, there are those evenings after which the sun rises differently.
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PARA-PHONIC POLY-DISCO Fri 12 Jan 2018 20:30 @ The Small Museum at Paradiso, Amsterdam with Remco van Bladel 'Para-phonic Poly-diso' is a graphic score for a digital, polyphonic choir wherein visitors of Paradiso can participate with their mobile phone.
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The next phase in the processing of iron is represented by recordings from inside the Tata Steel factories in Wijk aan Zee, 30 kilometers from Amsterdam.
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Source: http://www.newcriticals.com/deep-mining-deep-time/page-3 Mineral commodities used in mobile devices: Gallium (from bauxite), Germanium (from sphalerite) Graphite Indium (from sphalerite) Lithium (from amblygonite, petalite, lepidolite and spodumene) Platinum Potassium (from langbeinite, sylvite and sylvinite) Rare-earth elements (like bastnäsite, loparite, monazite and xenotime) Sand Silicon (from quartz) Silver (from argentite and tetrahedrite) Tantalum (from columbite and tantalite) Tin (from cassiterite) Tungsten (from scheelite and wolframite) Source: https://pubs.usgs.gov/gip/0167/gip167.pdf Chemical structure of the products of Sydvaranger mine, Kirkenes: Fe – 68% SiO2 – 5.00 Al2O3 – 0.30 S – 0.08 P – 0.01 Mn – 0.05 Na2O – 0.01 K2O – 0.03 CaO – 0.35 MgO – 0.45 H2O – 8.00 Size of the product: Over 0.15mm – less than 0.2% 0.053mm–0.15mm – less than 20% Under 0.053mm – up to 80% Source: http://sydvarangergruve.no/produkt 'In mining there are two types of waste.
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This was part of a test production of around 30,000 tons.
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