20. Concrete Poetry


DE PLAYER is interested in sound that fraternies in the abstract sense and makes people communicate with each other, without having to understand each other specifically in terms of language. In a multicultural situation, abstract sounds are forms of recognition; then there is, for example, music. Cultural identity is therefore communicated through this. Music and dance are complimentary to the context of being together without literally understanding each other word for word. Subcultures form through music. In addition to the all-dominating impact of the music industry, which determines lifestyle at the level of confection, all sorts of de-mass-splintering genres are forming on the periphery of the musical firmament. The style and/or genre determine the identity. New generations are born.

It is important here that the language is sung off the usual value of speech. The limits of speech become communication and nonsense, which both have the potential of speech. Orientation with regard to giving meaning changes by inserting moments when improper use of thought, material and technology takes place. The foundation of language as an information transmission is the foundation of these tendencies and is at the heart of the oral tradition principle, influencing how stories can be told, how traditions are passed on, how the past feeds the present and how the present forms itself by muttering the past.

Multilingualism is important in giving meaning to the things around us. Publishing, as mentioned above, is important to communicate various ways of expression. Signification also plays a major role in this. Within 'Radical Listening' we want to see what the possibilities of communication and publishing are with the current means that are available to us. This idea is closely intertwined with the project 'Pushing Scores', in which the materialisation of sound plays a role. Listening in the sense of 'Radical Listening' is therefore not only about ears specifically, but generally about exploring our world, our position in it and the way in which communication is possible.

We investigate how contemporary means are used to shape language, sign and sound. The analogue and virtual voice play a major role in this. Improper uses of consumer electronics (e.g. a tape recorder or telephone), but also self-invented technical devices and software as well as other machines (e.g. computers, record players and effect equipment) and a variety of speech techniques, are adopted so that, among other things, classical reading forms are exceeded.

Inspiration comes in the form of vocal poetry, 'poésie sonore' and text-sound composition. In our opinion, this area is an important one, especially in experimental sound, in the lecture-form and in the visual arts. Here it has played an important role and as such it is still current. The connection between the word and sound can be found in many ways in the art and music of the Fluxus movement, rap, the early avant-garde, soundproofing, laut poetry, musical theater, opera, performative series, radio plays and installation settings.

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