10. Valentina Vuksic


Thu 29 Nov 2018 20:00
@ Varia, Rotterdam

During this evening we will focus on archiving our 'Pushing Scores' project, a project interrogating the meaning of the 'graphic score' that has been running for the last two to three years. What are the possibilities of graphic scores, in a day and age in which graphic notation is still usually seen as a 'drawing', merely serving as some kind of sheet music?

To communicate the project to a larger audience, DE PLAYER asked Varia to develop a context and technical environment as a web-based archival publication for the 'Pushing Scores' project. The idea is that this material will be embodied by a dynamic, accessible and therefore active archive, which creates new relations, new perspectives and, at its best, new concepts for the production and/or processes of making scores. Varia will host the evening, and explain their ideas and approach to developing the archive. Valentina Vuksic will also bring a live performance in which she approaches computers with transducers that transform electromagnetic radiation into sound within choreographed setups. The 'runtime' of executed software is staged for an audience to provide an acoustic experience: That of logic encountering the physical world.


Valentina Vuksic is a computer artist and programmer based in Zürich. Her work is a personal exploration of the possibilities afforded by articulated hard- and software mediation. She approaches computer systems via inductive microphones for magnetic fields, so-called 'telephone adapters'. By writing choreographies for software and computer elements, she utilises these technologies as actors in software/noise pieces for, and in, computers. Vuksic considers the time and space of computer processing and memory as levels of reality. Software being processed creates its own temporal and spatial dimensions, which are staged for a public. She aims for a sensual experience of the analytical sphere to become concrete, where logic encounters the physical world. The mechanic noises serve as mediators to a public. They reveal, in an immediate way, the activities taking place between computer processes in the widest sense and the computer electronics they are running on.


Valentina Vuksic was involved in the ARTKILLART x JUBILEE event in 2017. She played a set in which she used her computer to generate sound by live programming. It was a good concert and her way of working fit into our ideas of exploring graphic scores very well. Her score was made on the spot with programming language; a sort of live coding. The ARTKILLART label has operated from both Paris and Berlin since 2007, promoting experimental audiovisual and sound art. In reaction to the dematerialisation of music (the general disappearance of music released in its physical form), the artists of the ARTKILLART label roster refocus their releases as material objects. Artists who joined the event include Valentina Vuksic, Arnaud Rivière, Nicolas Montgermont and Jan Kees Van Kampen.

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