08. Art Rotterdam Presentation


Pushing Scores 20 Jan 2019
@ ART Rotterdam, Rotterdam
with Moniker, Rafaël Rozendaal, Luuk Bouwman, Telcosystems, Remco van Bladel

For ART Rotterdam 2017 we are pleased to present Experimental Jetset, Davide Mosconi, DUPAC, Moniker, Cold Void [Rafaël Rozendaal/Luuk Bouwman] and Telcosystems. As a production platform, specialised in the relationship between sound, art, publishing and performance, DE PLAYER presents works by artists within the frame of the project 'Pushing Scores' – an ongoing project by DE PLAYER and Dutch graphic designer Remco van Bladel.


For a certain period we regularly took part in ART Rotterdaman annual art fair in which commercial galleries and artist-run initiatives take part. The initiatives gather within a part of the programme called 'Intersections'. It has been beneficial for us because the format allowed us to reach an audience that would otherwise never come to DE PLAYER itself. For this year's festival, it was clear to us that we should present the 'Pushing Scores' project. We decided to envision the framework for the installation as a three-dimensional staff to write down music. Within this framework we presented newly produced works, made specifically for 'Pushing Scores', alongside existing works that we thought would be interesting to combine. By doing so, we developed a multidimensional approach to the tactics that can be used for making scores and how the outcomes could finally exist as a tradable object. People could continuously listen to some audio publications (by Telcosystems, Cold Void and Davide Mosconi) as well take part in the production process by spraying new works for the next potential customer.

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